365 Days of Cheese

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Day 1: What is cheese?
​Cheese is made from just three ingredients:  milk, salt and rennet.​

Day 2: The Big Cheese
​Where does that term come from?  It's both literal and figurative.​

Day 3: Milk Types
​There are four main milks used to make cheese, plus a few very obscure types.​

Day 4: Make Fondue
Get the recipe here and take a look at this groovy wine cask lazy susan for serving.​

Day 5: How is cheese made?
See the basic steps used to make almost any style of cheese.

​​Day 6: Parmigiano-Reggiano
​Check out these six amazing facts about the king of all cheeses.​​​

Day 7: How do you say that?
Learn how to pronounce Camembert and Manchego like a pro.

Day 8: Mozzarella the Traditional Italian Way
Some makers in Italy still make mozzarella completely by hand.

​​Day 9: What is rennet?
This ingredient separates curds from whey.

Day 10: What is cheddaring?
Making cheddar involves stacking, turning and milling.

Day 11: In love with Tete de Moine
It's Friday and we're in love with this washed rind from Switzerland.

​​​Day 12: Whey cool!
​The uses for whey, they liquid byproduct of cheese making, are endless.​

Day 13: Italian Formaggi
There are more than 450 varieties of Italian cheeses.

Day 14: Finding New Cheeses
We often find new delights at the annual Fancy Food Show.

​Day 15: American Super Gold
Eight American cheeses earned gold at the World Cheese Awards.​​

Day 16: Does cheese make you dream?
While it can help induce sleep, only Stilton was shown to have an effect.

Day 17: Celebrating 15 years of cheese!
We started with 50 cheeses and have since shared 2,193 cheeses.

Day 18: Mongers Choice Awards
Our mongers have voted on their favorites of the year.

​​​Day 19: Five Health Benefits of Cheese
Protein and calcium are just two of the benefits of eating cheese.

Day 20: Which country eats the most cheese?
No, it's not France nor the USA.  The answer will surprise you.

Day 21: I have a triple creme
In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

​​​Day 22: 6 Styles of Cheese
​Almost all cheeses fall under one of these six styles.​

Day 23: Steps of Cheese Making
No matter the century, the steps to make cheese have remained the same.

Day 24: World's Most Expensive Cheese
Hint - it comes from Serbia.

​​Day 25: In Love with Sheep
There are many benefits of sheep milk cheeses.

Day 26: What is affinage?
The important step of cheese maturation.

​​Day 27: Can I eat the rind?
With the exception of two, the answer is yes.

Day 28: Incredible Italian Formaggi
See the most famous cheese from each of the 20 regions of Italy.

​Day 29: ​Cheesy Thoughts
​Don't let anyone tell you that you put too much cheese on your food.​

Day 30: Pairing Tips
Here are a couple of wine and beer pairing tips to get you started.

Day 31: Say what?
The most common cheese name mispronunciations.

​​Day 32: Mongers' Favorite Tool
Discover why our $5 mini planer is a favorite.

Day 33: Say Si to Sicily
Join this 10-day gastronomical tour of Sicily from Veni Voyages.

Day 34: America's Cheese Spread
Just in time for Super Bowl, learn to make pimento cheese spread.

​​Day 35: Cutting the Cheese
There are many tools to help you cut the cheese, we'll show you which to use where.

Day 36: Why do alpines taste so good?
Just look at what the cows get to eat.  No wonder their milk is so good.

​​Day 37: Tomato Rubbed Cheese
​Marzolino Toscano is rubbed with tomato paste for flavor and preservation.​

Day 38: Nice Ash
Ash is used in cheese making for both practical and presentational purposes.

Day 39: In Love with Camembert
It's Friday and we're in love with Camembert from Normandy.

Day 40: Cheese + Whisky Wonders
Four of our favorite whisky and cheese pairings revealed.

Day 41: Why are some cheeses hand ladled?
Soft cheeses are delicate and must keep their curd in tact.

​​Day 42: Gouda is good
​Gouda from Gouda is truly delicious and steeped in tradition.​

Day 43:  Sweet Dreams
Sweet dreams are indeed made of cheese.

Day 44: The best day at a cheese shop?
Cheese delivery day!

​​Day 45: Love is All Around
Hearts of cheese love abound.

​​​Day 46: In Love with Blue Cheese Olives
A martini just isn't a martini without them.

Day 47: Where is the cheese grater?
Well, that depends.

​​Day 48: Cheese vs Technology
Guess which one wins.

​​Day 49: Cheese Plate for Two
​Simple steps to make a stunning cheese plate.​

Day 50: Goat Walk
Take a walk and browse with the goats of Stepladder Creamery.

Day 51: Mimmo Makes Mozz
Could this cheese factory be better than Willy Wonka's chocolate factory?

​​Day 52: Holey Cow
​Central Coast coats all their wheels for a very specific reason.​​​

Day 53: Pasteurized vs Thermized
What is the difference?

Day 54:  A cheese walks into a bar...

Day 55: Salumi vs Salami
Which is which?

​​Day 56: Mt Townsend Creamery
A little gem in Port Townsend, Washington.

Day 57: Cheese Trails
There are three major cheese trails in the USA.

​​​​Day 58: Wire Cutter
Use the tool professional mongers love.

Day 59: To brie or not to brie...
There is one answer to this question.

​​Day 60: Won't you Consider Bardwell?
Raw milk cheeses from Vermont, since 1864.

Day 61: Room Temp is Best
Really, cheese tastes even better at room temperature.

​​Day 62: What is blue cheese?
Find out what makes blue cheese blue.

Day 63: Where does blue cheese come from?
Legend has it, a shepherd discovered blue cheese.

​​Day 64: How does blue cheese turn blue?
The answer is needling.

Day 65: Foiled!
Why are blue cheeses wrapped in foil?

​​Day 66: Mild or wild?
How can you tell how strong a blue cheese might be?

Day 67: What to eat with the blues
Here are a few of our favorite things.

​Day 68: Gouda Idea
Every day is a gouda day.​​

Day 69: How ripe is my cheese?
One word will let you know if a soft cheese is young or ripe.

Day 70: Cheese cake anyone?
There are cheesecakes and cheese cakes.

​Day 71: Behind Washed Rinds
Washing is what puts the stink in stinky cheeses.​​

Day 72: What's a cannibal's favorite cheese?

​​Day 73: Stinkiest cheese in the world?
​It was rumored to have been Napoleon's favorite.​

Day 75: Serve cheese at room temp.
It tastes better.

Day 76 : Always include the rind on taster pieces.
The flavor varies from the interior to the exterior.

​​Day 77: Mold is natural.
Just scrape it away.

Day 78: Exciting new "cheeses" hit the shelves.
Only on April 1.

Day 79: Holes
More or less.

Day 80: Holes are called eyes
But how do they get there?

​Day 81: What is a typical cheese serving amount?
Three ounces is perfect.

Day 82: Roman Mozzarella di Bufala
When it's fresh, you'll see this.​​

Day 83: When in Rome
You must try their most traditional pasta dish.

Day 84: What type of milk in Italy?
It's not sheep or goat.

​Day 85: Pasta Filata
​Caciocavallo in Sicily is made with a twist.​​​

Day 86: Only ricotta!
In Sicily, only ricotta can be used to fill cannoli.

Day 87: Sicilian advice
If your doctor says you eat too much cheese...

​Day 88: Ricotta for breakfast.
A Sicilian tradition carried on by 80-year-old cheese maker.​​

Day 89: Where to buy cheese on tax day?

Day 90: Ragusano
Essentially giant mozzarella aged in a rectangle block.

Day 91: April 20 is Raw Milk Appreciation Day
Get 10% off all raw milk cheeses.

Day 92: Making Ricotta
Target temperature is 180 degrees.

Day 93: Girgentana goats
Meet these goats with the curly horns.

Day 94: Chevre recipe
Whip fresh chevre with tumeric and ginger.

Day 95: Cheese is better than milk
Higher concentration of nutrients and little lactose.

Day 96: Crottin
Better than the meaning of its translation.

Day 97: Obscene amount of mozzarella
At Caseificio Borderi in Ortigia, Sicily.

Day 98: Ragusano from Ragusa
A cheese dating back to the 1500s.

Day 99: Jay'Z's favorite
Brie-once, of course.

Day 100: Singing shepherd
An old-world profession in a modern world.

Day 101: Average fat content of cheese.
A mere 45%, and don't forget the protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Day 102: How much cheese do I need?
1/4-lb equals 1 cup grated.

Day 103: Honey + cheese = 
the bee's knees.

Day 104: Hardest wines to pair with cheese?
Chardonnay and cabernet (but not impossible).

Day 105: Easiest wines to pair with cheese?
Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Pinot Noir love cheese.

Day 106: Keep an eye on your cheese,
when it's up to no gouda.

Day 107: What makes a Gruyere alpage?
Must be made in copper kettle over fire.

Day 108: What makes cheese smell?
Microbial waste.

Day 109: How many microbial cells in a gram of cheese?
100 billion!

Day 110: Factory or artisinal, how can you tell?
Taste and texture.

Day 111: What if your cheese smells like ammonia?
Let it breathe.

Day 112: Animals of India
Not much cheese in India, but from Delhi to Dharmshala, animals rule the roads.

Day 113: Curated Comte
Venissimo just received their hand-selected 80-lb wheel of French Comte.