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cheese of the month club

A pound of cheese plus a perfect pairing shipped to your door or picked up from your neighborhood shop.

Selections are ready for pickup or delivered on the second Friday of every month.

Join for as long or as little as you like.  Here's what we've featured over the last year:

April landaff + queso leonora + robiola bosina + semi-soft cheese knife

March 2014 oro italiano + cana de oveja + acapella + raincoast crisps

February 2014 roquefort papillon + central coast gouda + sbrinz + salted pistachio honey

January 2014 garrotxa + browning gold + chebris + truffle mousse pate

December  la tur + ossau-iraty + briana + blueberry bourbon jam

November  moliterno + pave du nord + capra di foglia + balistreri salumi

October lucifero + crocodile tear + bandaged cheddar + chocolate treats

September alehouse cheddar + chimay + moosbacher + pretzel bites

August holey cow + little darling + drunken goat + pear-choco jam

July red dragon, barber's 1833 cheddar, blueberry stilton + urban oven crackers

June raclette, halloumi, grinzing + barbeclette

May belle fleur, flora nelle, bergblumen + mishee's olive tapenade



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